These are the different martial arts that we teach at MANONUDA:

Why different martial arts?

The benefit of practicing these different styles is that each of them develops specific attributes that are complementary to the others, and the end result of this multi-disciplinary approach are qiet huge for the practitioner.

Our training model allows us:

  • to practice each art separately (cross-training)
  • to merge them together (blending martial arts)
  • to integrate other martial arts or specific aspects and principles
  • to modify and create in accordance with our nature
  • to express the martial art in a free and individual way

As Bruce Lee unequivocally demonstrated, the secret of real efficiency is not the result of the mastery of a given style, but that of the intelligent combination of several ones.

Therefore, don’t limit the spectrum of your martial potential, widen it up with a 360 degrees practice!