Kali (Filipino Martial Arts)

The word Kali indicates the filipino martial arts (FMA). Other terms, such as Arnis or Eskrima are often used to name the filipino martial arts.

Kali is a quiet unique combat system, mainly based on the movements of imact and cutting weapons such sticks and blades/knives. The principles used for these weapons are applied also to empty hands techniques, and that makes the singularity of the style.

The Kali is considered one of the most flexible martial arts and it’s an extremely complete system.

There are many aspects and areas of combat used in Kali, three of them being the most significant:

  • Stick fighting (double or single stick);
  • Knife fighting (knife vs knife, knife vs empty hands).
  • Empty hands fighting (Panantukan, Sikaran, Dumog, …).

At MANONUDA we integrate different styles of Kali in our curriculum, the most important being:

  • Inosanto
  • Lameco
  • Pekiti Tirsia
  • Doce Pares

Key points of this art:

  • Treating every part of the opponent’s body as a target (destructions)
  • Using all possible angles for attack and defense
  • Flowing action in attack and defense
  • Fluidity of motion
  • Covering all combat distances (weapons, kickboxing, trapping, grappling)
  • Using every part of our body as a weapon.
  • Flowing drills for the development of reflexes and application of techniques

Download the Manonuda Kali Curriculum Student Level 1 V1.0