MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

The name Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) refers to the submission combat sports that allows striking, takedowns and grappling (standing and on the ground), such as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Vale Tudo, or Shooto.

Even if official competitions are not one’s goal, training in MMA has many added values for the practitioner who aims to become a well-rounded martial artist.

At Manonuda we train MMA by isolating some combat sports such as Boxe, Muay Thai (Thai Boxe), Grappling (Judo, Western Wrestling, Sambo), Brasilian Ju-Jitsu, and by merging them together and adding takedowns and transitions from one fighting distance to another.

The “combat sport” aspect is a very fundamental factor not to be neglected, because it can develop key attributes that are quiet crucial in a fight and for self-defence (attributes that most of self-defence systems unfortunately don’t develop).

Key points of this art:

  • Development of power
  • Body conditioning
  • Development of the fighting spirit
  • Application of techniques and strategies in “sparring” format
  • Covering all distances: kickboxing, knees/elbows, pummeling/clinching, ground fighting.

Download the Manonuda MMA Curriculum Student Level 1 V1.0