(Manonuda Self-Defense Program)

The MSDP (Manonuda Self-Defense Program) is an advanced self-defense program created and adopted at MANONUDA.

It’s an extremely rich and complete program that covers all the different aspects related to self-defense, from thory notions to applications for possible real-life confrontations and aggressions.

The MSDP suits all those who are interested in the reality-based development of their personal security, be them martial arts practitioners or not.

The techniques taught are based on natural reflexes, and in order to be integreted into the system, they must to respond to a given set of criteria, they must therefore be:

Les techniques enseignées sont basées sur les réflexes naturels, et pour être intégrées dans le système, elles doivent répondre à certains critères, et donc être impérativement:

  1. Functional
  2. Simple (as for execution)
  3. Flexibles (they must to adapt to everybody)

Here are some key points of the program:


  • Principles of prevention and personal security
  • Stress and fear management
  • Development of the mindset during an aggression
  • Analysis and psychology of the different typology of aggressors and threats
  • Legal aspects and self-defense implications

Striking techniques:

  • Using your own body as a natural weapon
  • How to strike and what body parts to target
  • Impact training and applications on padding equipment (power development)
  • Applications on the person (visualization)

Defending techniques:

  • Defense and escapes against hold and chokes
  • Multiple opponents defense
  • Defending from the ground
  • Anti-rape defense for women

Weapons defense:

  • Defense against oimpact weapons (stick, bottle, objets)
  • Defense against knife
  • Defense against gun and knife threats


  • Attributs development drills
  • Automatic response and reflexes development
  • Using improvised weapons with every-day objects
  • Situational and environmental training, role playing
  • Applications

The MSDP is open to all those who are wishing to learn self-defense ou to improve and test their martial arts knowledge and skills in some reality-based training.

Here are some videos of past MSDP seminars: