Silat is a martial art developed in South-East Asia, more precisely in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the southern area of the Philippines.

There are many styles of Silat, and they can be quiet different one from another, depending of the geographical location.

Most of the styles of Silat are based on specific principles of body biomechanics, on agility, on close distance, and on multiple opponents management, which makes the art extremely functional and suitable for everybody.

At MANONUDA we have designed a very accurate program of Silat, called Karaesyan Silat, and it’s based on the application of different principles and combat tactics specific to Silat.

Key points of this art:

  • Neutralization of the opponent in the shortest time
  • Designed to manage several opponents at once
  • Targeting the sensible and weakest parts of the body
  • Opponent manipulation and control
  • Agility and speed of execution