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You are invited to join one of our classes for free!

Here is what you need to know about trial classes:

  • Booking by email is mandatory
  • We only accept a maximum of 4 attenders per session
  • Specify what day & discipline you would like to try
  • You need to include your full name and email address, and those of additional attenders

Please, note that trial classes are only possible as follows:

  • Mondays: Self-Defense
  • Tuesdays: Kali Filipino Martial Arts
  • Wednesdays: Silat
  • Thursdays: MMA

We’ll reply to your email as soon as we can, promise!

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What to expect from a trial class?

A trial class get you to discover the different aspects of our school: the level of teaching, its members, the overall atmosphere. If possible, we try to group trial class participants so that they don’t feel lost and can work at their level.

Remember, the technical integration does not happen after just one class, so be patient and be motivated to engage a regular practice based on the long term!

Come with an open mind and have fun!

Outfit and equipment

For the trial class, you can wear a standard sport outfit (t-shirt, shorts). The training area is covered by mats, and it’s accessible only with bare feet. Make sure to take some water with you, and if you got any martial arts equipment (groin shield, boxing gloves, …), you can take that too.