5 Aug 2013

Inosanto Kali Logo Explanation

Written by: Gianfranco

Honestly, I am not a big fan of sophisticated logos that feature any sort of complex symbolism and meanings (and martial arts is surely the wildest place on earth in that matter), but I think the one used from Inosanto probably deserves some attention, because it may be one of the most known out there, right?


So, if you ever wondered what is the symbolism behind the Filipino Martial Arts logo used for the Inosanto/LaCoste blend system, here it is:

  1. The universal triangle.

  2. The circle represents the Creator: form with continuous motion.

  3. The Kali triangle: love, compassion, humility.

  4. The stick: the core of the Filipino martial art. The first weapon taught, from which to learn all other weapons.

  5. The blade (points upward toward "Life"); the blade is taught after the stick.

  6. The fist representing the empty hand art of the Philippines.

  7. The half moon symbolizes the "half" of the Philippines (Southern Philippines) which were never under Spanish rule, and also the "moonlight," which was the only time Kali practitioners could safely practice their art during Spanish rule.

  8. The four parts of the circle represent the four Saints called upon by Kali.

  9. Practitioners: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Uriel and Saint Raphael.

  10. Ancient "K" for Kali, Kaliradman.

  11. Ancient "E" for Eskrima, Estocada and Estoke.

  12. Ancient "S" for Silat.


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