Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Terminology

Here is a glossary for the chinese (cantonese) terms used in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

Please, note that different people can write them in different ways, so you may find small inconsistencies with the same terms written elsewhere. What really matters is that the phonetic should be the same, and that you are aware that these terms can be written differently.

Example: “Pac Sau” is the same than “Pak Sao”, “Qua Chuie” is the same than “Gwa Choy”.

Download the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Terminology Sheet V1.0

General terms

Jeet Kune Do – The way of the intercepting fist

Lee Jun Fan – Chinese name of Bruce Lee

Gin Lai – Salutation

Bi Jong – Ready position, on guard position

Yee Chi Kim Yeung Ma – Basic Wíng Chun stance, horse stance

Sifu – Instructor

Sijo – Founder of the system (Bruce Lee)

Sigung – Intructor’s instructor

Kwoon – School, place of training

Go – High

Ha – Low

Loy – Inside

Noy / Gnoy – Outside

Jung, Jun – Middle

Jik – Straight

Hou / How – Rear, back

Yow – Right

Joy – Left

Juen / Jun – Spin

Don, Dan – Single

Seyung / Seung – Double, two

Da – Hit, strike

Choy / Chuie – Punch

Tek – Kick

Jang – Elbow

Sot / Sut – Knee

Sao / Sau – Hand

Gerk – Foot, leg

Jung Sin – Centerline

Mon Sao – Inquisitive hand, asking hand (the lead hand)

Wu Sao – Protective hand (the rear hand)

Lin Sil Die Dar – Simultaneous defense and attack

Chum Kil – Seeking to bridge the gap

Toy Ma – Move back

Toy Gerk – Move the leg back

Lau Ma – Cross step, cross stance

Jeet Gerk – Intercepting shin, Jamming in with the shin

Mook Jong – Wooden Dummy

Sil Lim Tao / Siu Lim Tao – First Wing Chun form (Little Idea Form)

Wing Chun – Southern Chinese Kung Fu Style (leterally: “forever springtime” or “praising spring”)

Yip Man – Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun instructor in Hong Kong

Yin – Female, negative, false, soft, etc.

Yang – Male, positive, true, hard, etc.

Hands Strikes

Chun Choy – Straight vertical punch

Jik Jern – Straight palm strike

Juan / Woang / Won Jern – Side palm strike

Biu Jee – Thrusting finger, finger jab

Chop Choy – Knucle punch

Ping Choy – Staight horizontal punch

Gwa Choy – Horizontal Backfist

Lau Sin Choy – Vertical Backfist

Gin Choy – Uppercut

O’ou Choy – Hook

Sat Sao – Cutting hand, palm down chop

Sat Que – Hummerfist

Jom Sao – Inward cutting hand, palm up

Jik Chun Choy – Straightblast, centerline punches , chain punches

Bo Pie – Double palm strike (low and high)

Hands Defence

Pak Sao – Slapping hand, pushing hand

Tan Sao – Palm up hand

Bong Sao – High wing parry, elbow deflection

Lop Sao – Pulling hand

Biu Sao / Bil Sao – Thrusting fingers parry

Jong Sao – Palm inward block

Jum Sao – Sinking hand

Goang Sao – Low Outward Wing Block

O’ou Sao – Hooking hand

Kow / Kao, Kau Sao – Curving Hand, Circling Block

Woang Pak Sao – Cross slapping parry

Quan Sao – Combination of Bong Sao and Tan Sao


Jik Tek – Straight vertical kick

Jik Dum Tek – Straight stamp kick

Juk Tek – Side kick

O’ou Tek – Round kick, hook kick

Dum Tek – Stomp kick, oblique kick

Hou / How Tek – Rear kick, back kick

So Tek – Reverse hook kick, sweep kick

Gwa Tek – Inverted hook kick

Combination of terms (examples)

Loy Da – Inside Hit (often refers to Split Entry)

Ha Da – Low hit

Go Da – High Hit

Ha Pak (Sao) Da – Low slapping hand parry & hit

Pak Sao Ha Da – Slapping hand parry & low hit

Loy Woang Pak Da – Inside cross parry and hit

Noy Woang Pak Da – Outside cross parry and hit

Jun How Tek – Spinning back kick

Jun Juk Tek – Spinning side kick

Jun So Tek – Spinning reverse kick

Generic Strikes

Jun Tek – Spin kick

Jeet Da – Intercepting hit, Stop hit

Jeet Tek – Intercepting kick, Stop kick

Other Strikes

Jang Da – Elbow strike

Sot / Sut Da – Knee strike

Jong Tao – Headbutt

Trapping terms

Phon / Fon Sao – Trapping hands

Gum Sao – Pressing hand

Lan Sao – Bar arm

Fook Sao – Bridging hand, bent-wrist elbow-in parry

Jut Sao – Jerking hand

Cup Sao – Scooping hand

Jao Sao – Running hand

Huen Sao / Hun Sao – Cirlcing hand

Tok Sao – Elbow lifting hand

Li Sao – Pulling hand without grabbing

Chi Sao terms

Chi Sao – Sticky hands

Don Chi Sao – Single sticky hand

Seyung Chi Sao – Double sticky hands

Look / Luk Sao – Rolling

Gor Sao – Chi Sao sparring

Chi Gerk – Sticking feet

Download the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Terminology Sheet V1.0


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    In JKD how to called bow in (phonetically)

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