Kali – Filipino Martial Arts Terminology

Here is a glossary for the most used terms in the art of Kali (Filipino Martial Arts).

Please, notice that the same word could be spelled in a slightly different way by other people, so keep an open mind about this.

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Basic terms

Kali – From “Kamot” (hand, body) and “Lihok” (movement)

Kalis – To scrape, also a filipino blade

Arnis / Arnis De Mano – FMA denomination

Escrima / Eskrima – Fencing, FMA denomination

Panandata – Weapons training

Pangamot – Empty hands training

Panantukan – Filipino boxing

Sikaran / Pananjakman – Kicking art

Dumog – Grappling art

Buno – Takedowns & Throwing arts

Kunsi – Locking art

Guro – Instructor

Punong Guro – Head instructor & founder of system

Mabuhay – “Long live” (expression, salutation

General terms

Numerada – Numbering System or drilling through it

Abecedario – ABC, basics

Tuloy Tuloy – Flowing, Continuous

Dikit – To attach, to stick

Inganyo – Faking

Mano – Hand

Siko – Elbow

Tuhod – Knee

Tatsulok – Triangle

Solo – Single

Doble – Double

Stick-related terms

Dulo, Punta – Tip of the stick

Punyo – Butt of the stick

Bantay Kamay – The “Alive Hand” or “Free Hand”

Largo Mano / Antaw – Long Range

Medio Mano – Middle Range

Corto Mano – Close Range

Abierta / Bukas – Open position

Serrada – Closed position

Talang Bartikal – Vertical Block

General motions

Tigbis – Forehand Attack

Ordabis – Backhand Attack

Ikis – X-pattern motion

Segung – To block

Palasut – To pass through

Humpak / Pasakai – Wave motion pass, elbow deflection

Sabayan – Simultaneous attack & defence

Gunting – Scissors movement (destruction)

Seguida – To follow

Contra – To meet

Sakay – To go with the force

Stick / Knife motions

Witik – Snap strike, Hit & retreat strike, Broken motion

Lobtik – Pull-through strike, Slashing strike, Fluid motion

Aldabis – Upward diagonal strike

Saboy – (“feed the chicken”) Upward diagonal strike

Sunkite / Sungkite / Duslak – Thrusting motion

Pasunkit – Thrusting passing motion

Payong – Umbrella

Redondo – Circular snapping strike

Abaniko – Fanning motion from side to side

Arco, Arko, Florete – Twirling strike

Hand motions

Dakup / Dakop – Catch

Pa’awas – Parry

Paglibut / Dukot / Palisut – Tight scoop

Waslik – Wide Scoop

Panastas – Cutting, Slashing

Sungab – Finger Thrust

Pukpok – Hummer

Drills-related terms

Pai Pai – Broken strikes on high line

Cob-Cob / Kob Kob – Broken strikes on all lines

Sinawalli – Series of different double hand motions

Sumbrada – (“shade”) Counter to Counter

Carenza / Amarra – Freeflow, Shadow-boxing

Sayaw – Solo form

Tapi-Tapi – Clearing hands technique and drill

Higot Hubud Lubud (Tie-untie, undress) – Sensitivity drills

Laban Laro – (“play fight”) Combat drills

Cadena de mano – Flowing and looping drills

Kicking attacks

Sipa – Oblique Kick, General Kick

Yutak / Yatuk – Stomp Kick

Sikad / Sikud – Side Kick

Technique-related terms

Agaw – To seize, disarming

Nakaw – To steal, disarming

Walis – Sweeping

Kaukit / Ankal / Tapak – Step on the foot

Linakun / Linkin – Head Turn (“Puter Kepala” in Silat)

Kalasag – Shield


Retirada Caballero – Step & Side

Retirada Illustrissimo – Step Back-Step Through

Humpak Pa’awas – Circular Side Stepping

Knife grips

Sak-Sak / Langit / Dungab – Straight grip, fencing grip

Pakal – Reverse grip, ice-picking grip

Weapons names

Olisi / Baston – Stick

Espada – Sword

Daga / Baraw – Knife, blade, dagger

Garote – Flat stick

Balisong – Butterfly knife

Barong – Rounded single-edged blade

Kriss – Snake-shaped blade

Download the Kali Terminology Terminology Sheet V1.0