16 Nov 2015

My thoughts about Ronda Rousey VS Holly Holm

Written by: Gianfranco


Honesty, I have to admit that I enjoyed to see Holly Holm defeat Ronda Rousey last night, not only because I was all for Holly, but because in an undeniable way it represented the triumph of some of the stuff that one is supposed to stand for, when it comes to martial arts: discipline, self-control and humility.

Everything that a great martial artist as Ronda - and I can state that she is a great martial artist! - seemed to have somehow lost on the way.

Holm demonstrated, in an epical fight against the undefeated champion of the world, that technical discipline, strategy setup, personal detachment and self-control are elements that do make a difference in combat.

But above all, Holm demonstrated to have the one thing that seemed to be quiet rare in the MMA universe: humility. She demonstrated it at the pre-fight conference, by praising her opponent, she demonstrated it right before the fight by wanting to touch gloves with Ronda - ritual that was unnecessarily denied by Ronda - and she demonstrated it after her victory by standing calm and quiet in front of her opponent, waiting for her to recover, without jumping on the border of the cage and going crazy like a monkey in the most common UFC fashion. And, she showed humility and honest compassion even after the referee raised her hand, when she warmly hugged Ronda.

Nevermind that Holm ruled the fight from a technical and from a strategical point of view. The reason why I'm happy for this victory, is that I can finally see all the stupid self-predictions and cocky attitudes that so much I despise, to fall apart in front of honest and effective actions that do not need any decorating words in order to do the job. And since I am a true believer of the fact that actions do weight more than words, it's a great satisfaction for me to see a clear evidence of such a belief to materialize in the cage.

If Ronda is the true champion that she's supposed to be, than she will come back stronger, as a fighter, and different in her attitude as a person. As we say, you never really lose, you only learn.

As for Holm, at this moment and for the reasons just mentioned, she earned my respect on quiet a few levels.

May the true spirit of the warrior rise over useless "blahs" and meaningless "dances"! Even, and especially, in the UFC's cage!

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