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14 Sep 2011


Filipino Martial Arts Subdivisions

Written by Gianfranco

Filipino MArtial Arts Areas and Subdivisions

In this article I'd like to share my way of identifying the subdivisions for the main areas of the Filipino Martial Arts, especially the empty hands one.

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21 Mar 2011


Panantukan shadow boxing series

Written by Gianfranco

Here's s a Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) shadow boxing series that you can work on as a solo training. At the bottom of the article you'll find a downloadable and printable version for your convenience.

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25 Dec 2010

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Ikis declinations

Written by Gianfranco

In this article I show 3 differrent declinations for the IKIS.

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23 Nov 2010


The “4 Axes Matrix”. Angles of attack. Footwork.

Written by Gianfranco

What is the "4 Axes Matrix"?

Martial arts, as I often say, are essentially about motion. With this article I'd like to cover a few basics about some main paths of motion, be it for attack or for footwork.

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