Trailer 02 – Forplay

This is only a “preview” to initiate our Videos section. It shows some Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Silat stuff.


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  • Mike:

    Sympathique la vidéo ! Très bon montage. Vivement le stage avec les knifes pour apprendre la même chose. Merci aux acteurs, c’est motivant :)

    5 Jul 2011 Reply to this comment
    • Gian:

      Merci, Mike!

      5 Jul 2011
  • Felix:

    Great dynamic & versatility in the techniques demonstrated.
    Good flow, only (and, of course, normal seen the purpose) slower than usual! :-D
    Great job. This looks promising

    5 Jul 2011 Reply to this comment
    • Gian:

      Thanks, Felix. I also considered it slower than I use to be, but don’t worry, the next ones will show the real thing…
      This is, as the title says, a “foreplay”… Cheers!

      5 Jul 2011
  • junior:

    nice! gives an impression of what we do, you do seem to be holding back, hehe.
    some kickboxing would be nice as well.
    as you say, only foreplay…
    the knife stuff looks badass!

    6 Jul 2011 Reply to this comment
    • Gian:

      Thanks Junior! Yeah, I do hold back, indeed. Hey, next one will show off more. Kickboxing is coming too… The Videos section is here to go wild! ;-)

      6 Jul 2011
  • Antoine Jovenet:

    Please, don’t ask him to go faster, it hurts.

    6 Jul 2011 Reply to this comment
    • Gian:

      Antoine, don’t worry. It’s gona be so fast that you won’t have the time to feel pain… ;-)

      7 Jul 2011
  • zarouali:

    wwwwawawaaaaaaaaaa pour koi je suis pas là aa wi je me suis peté le tibia hihi. trop bien la démonstration ça me motive encore + et j’aime bien voir minh ce faire démonter lol.

    6 Jul 2011 Reply to this comment
    • Gian:

      Mouniin, pour moi t’es toujours dans le team. Dés que t’es remis, tu sais où on est…

      7 Jul 2011
  • dan:

    Épatante, cette vidéo.
    De plus, elle donne vraiment envie d’apprendre et de progresser ! :)

    21 Nov 2011 Reply to this comment
    • Gian:

      Merci pour ton commentaire, Daniel! ;-)

      22 Nov 2011

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