Trailer 03 – Additional Foreplay

This is kind of a the second part of the “Trailer 02 – Foreplay” video. Again, Kali, Silat, and a little Jeet Kune Do.


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  • Gian:

    This is a short one… Another forplay…

    8 Jul 2011 Reply to this comment
  • Félix Freire Lopez:

    Hi Gian,

    This one feels more like shooting while training.
    The first one gives a “demo” feeling to it.
    Good soundtrack on both, but as Cedric mentioned it, drum’s rhythm feels good on the on the short one.

    But conclusion is: excellent!

    8 Jul 2011 Reply to this comment
    • Gian:

      Thanks, Félix! ;-)

      8 Jul 2011

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