Kali & Silat Seminar – Oct 2015

A few excerpts from our Kali & Silat seminar in Brussels, on the 17th and 18th of October 2015.

Here is some things we focused on:

- Stickfighting Long Range: evasive footwork, taking angles, closing the distance, staying out of range, alternate lines of attack.

- Stickfighting Middle to Close Range: flowing from inside to outside position, working on the second hand after a disarm, taking angles, dumog techniques on the arms and head, takedowns.

- Panantukan: using basic boxing combination with angles and tactical body targets to de-structure the opponent, dealing with some "reposts" during the attack, jab counters, cross counters, hook counters, central kick counters.

- Knife Defence: punyo disarms and follow ups, solutions for unsuccessful punyo disarms, defending the second.

- Silat: head manipulations, sweeps

- Palm Stick: basic entry sectors, basic techniques on tactical body targets

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