Got questions?

In which language are the class taught?

Depending on the attenders, classes are taught in French and English.

I never practiced martial arts before, can I attend?

There is always a first day for everything, so yes, you can and should attend!

I am a woman, are there any women in the group classes?

Yes, there are women in all of our classes.

I am out of shape at the moment, should I wait to get in shape to attend the classes?

Absolutely not! You should start to attend the class when your desire kicks in, and you will actually start to get in shape by attending the class itself.

How long does it take to get good at the martial art I want to practice?

There is not a precise time for that, as it all depends on the individual and on his/her level of commitment. There are many factors that are crucial for one’s progression, the firsts ones being constance in training and motivation. So focus on those, not on the end result, and the result will come as a consequence of your discipline and work.

Is the subscription allowing to participate to any class?

Yes! All the subscriptions options give you access to all classes, as long as you respect the number of classes per week that you subscribed for.

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