Fighting comes in Different Ways,
and ultimately as One Martial Art.

“To be the best, you need to train with the best!”

Get Skilled!

Enter some high-quality martial arts training,
with a focus on details and substance.

Be Healthy!

Integrate our training into your lifestyle,
and get a better body and a better self.

Have Fun!

Join our family-like environment,
to blend hard work with personal pleasure.


MANONUDA is a martial arts identity created by Gianfranco Lanucara, with the goal of providing high quality training and lifestyle.

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We provide training in different areas to cover all the aspects of combat and all its different formats: self-defense for the street, kickboxing, standing and ground grappling, impact and edge weapons defense and mastery.

Pick up the programs you wish to train in, and join us for a trial class or ask for some personal training!

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Check out the MANONUDA official affiliates around the world, the ones that follow and share the quality of our work.

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