Become an Official Instructor

If you find value in the methodology developed by Coach Gianfranco and in the Training Programs that he created, and you wish to teach them, you can become an official MANONUDA Affiliate.

All our Training Programs are very well structured and they are divided into 10 levels. After passing the necessary tests for those levels, the next level will allow you to get a certification as an official MANONUDA Instructor.

The Affiliate Membership

To help you and tak you all the way to become an official representative of our Programs and methods, we put together the Affiliate Membership, for you.

Here’s what you get once you subscribe to the Affiliate Membership:

Your personal Account on our website

  • Access to your Account page

Access to the Programs (via your Account)

  • View and download the written Program(s), or Curriculums (PDF)
  • Always up do date to the latest version
  • You get access up to the next Level that you need to pass

Programs Assistance

  • Support to questions by email or message

Teaching & Training Consulting:

  • Benefit from a long-time experience and know-how about teaching methodologies
  • School Management Consulting
  • Marketing & Media Consulting

Video Sessions:

  • 1 hour per month (via Zoom) that you can use for the following…
  • Online Training
  • Ranking checking and testing
  • Consulting (see above)
  • The hour can be split during the month (ex: 2 times half an hour)
  • If some time remain from the previous month, it’s added to the next month, so you don’t loose it

Reductions & Promotions:

  • Some reductions that may apply occasionally for the following…
  • Shop Products
  • Video Courses
  • Free Webinars
  • Other exclusive content

What are the benefits for subscribing to the Affiliate Membership?

The subscription will guarantee that your training and the follow up by Coach Gianfranco is consistent and continuous, instead of being sporadic and therefore ineffective.

So, by having an active subscription going on, you make sure that we stay connected and that your progression in our Martial Arts programs is as effective as it can be.

Who can subscribe to the Affiliate Membership?

Anyone who is seriously motivated and share our vision for a healthy, professional approach to the Martial Arts, and will enjoy it.

Knowing the person who want to represent or to share our way is important to us, so don’t hesitate to get in contact and tell us about you, before subscribing to the Affiliate Membership.

How to subscribe to the Affiliate Membership?

There are two plans that you can choose from:

The Affiliate Membership Monthly Plan, which costs 40€ / month

The Affiliate Membership Yearly Plan, which costs 400€ / year, so you save 80€!

Some of our Affiliates around the world

We are proud to list here below some of our affiliated representatives in the world.