We focus on personal training, because that’s the best way to achive quality!

We don’t teach typical group classes anymore like some regular gyms or schools do, as that approach tends to promote “quantity” over “quality”.

Coach Gianfranco decided to teach our programs mainly through formats that are focused more on the single person, and that provide the best interaction between the teacher and the student.

Yeah, we went old school! Which gives the best results.


Individual Training

Getting “one-to-one” training through private classes with a personal trainer is obviously the best way to learn any martial art, combat sport or self-defense, as the full focus of the teacher during the training session is on you.

Individual development is, therefore, faster and better than with any other type of training, as the lessons are customized to fit the student’s needs.

So, if you’re looking for a personal coach in Brussels, or anywhere else, go ahead and get in contact with us.


Mini Group Training

This format allows the coach to teach a class to a group of 2, 3, or 4 students who got the same technical level. We don’t exceed that number to be able to keep the focus on each student of the group.

For this format, having a group that shares the same technical level is essential in order to have a consistent session that all the attendees can properly follow, for the benefit of their individual progression.

& Workshops

Mini Group Training

We regularly organize different workshops to cover a particular topic or theme. That allows us to go deep into a specific part of a discipline, and articulate the teaching around it.

We are also invited to teach seminars in Europe and in the rest of the world by martial arts schools and instructors, and of course, by our affiliates.

Check out our upcoming events, or browse some of the past ones.

Pro Coaching

Mini Group Training

This module is dedicated to those who want to compete in one of the combat sports that we teach, such as MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling.

Coach Gianfranco provides the complete development of a fighter’s skill set, from technical and tactical training to conditioning and functional training, up to the required combat mindset and strategy implementation.

Online Training

Online Training

Here’s the opportunity to train with Coach Gianfranco, no matter where you’re located, via a “live video session”.

To know more about it, and to go through all the details, visit the Online Training page.

Do you wish to get more information about individual private classes in Brussels with our Coach? Then send a message, and we’ll get back to you shortly.