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24 April 2022

Self-Defense Seminar in Brussels

Self-Defense Seminar in Brussels

MANONUDA is glad to organize a “Self-Defense” Seminar, held by Gianfranco Lanucara, covering different themes and situations..

This seminar is suitable for men and women.


Please reserve your spot by sending an email and make the payment by Bank Transfer (info below).

Date & Time:

Sunday, 24 April 2022

12:00 – 15:00


Ecole Ma Campagne
Rue Du Page 78, 1050 (Near Place du Chatelain)
Brussels, Belgium


  • Defense against Striking
  • Scenario Training with different threatening situations
  • Grabbing and Close Range Techniques (Clinch)
  • Opponent Control
  • We can cover free requests from the attendees!


Please, try to bring whatever items you got from this list:

  • Sweater that can be used to grab and pull (like an old one that can be damaged)
  • Water
  • We’ll be on mats, so bring sandals to walk outside of the training area, please.




Bank Transfer.

BNP-Paribas Fortis
BE35 0016 1735 2637

Seminar 24 April 2022

Info & Contact:

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