Knife Fighting: Close Range Defense Vs Grabbing Attack

One way to deal with a Grabbing Attack format in Knife Defense. In this case, the attacker is advancing with the free hand to grab and stab, holding the Knife in a Reverse Grip (Ice-Pick Grip).

Here I teach how to circle (if you can) toward the grabbing arm while defending the attacks. Then if you manage to catch and hold the arm holding the weapon, how to use your body weight against him, as in Grappling, and to try to disengage the grabbing arm, still while holding the Knife-Hand.

Is it always gonna go this way, or do we expect it to go exactly that way? No. But can that happen? Yes. We train to analyze, cover and experience all the possibilities, and to adapt to them.

Source: Knife Defense Seminar in Brussels, Belgium. November 2021.


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