Knife Fighting: Long Range To Middle Range Applications

A drill to feel when to apply a long-range defense or counter (by moving away) and when to apply middle-range techniques taking a blindside position when the opponent is too close to move away.

(Sidenote for the “Reality Paladins Of Knife Fighting” out there: Yes, Knife Fighting is serious and it doesn’t happen exactly like on some videos. But please, don’t waste time commenting that this is only going to get the other person killed. There is a lot of structured material in our program, with a solid methodology. This is not a tutorial and it’s just a bit of the whole spectrum, so I invite you not to judge something very much articulated by a tiny glimpse at it. Like you wouldn’t judge a real boxer when you see him training a given sequence over and over on the pads to sharpen up his skills, knowing that in reality, it’s never going to happen exactly like that in the actual fight on the ring. But of course, you’re free to do so, if you just can’t hold it. I got no problem with that.)

Source: MANONUDA FMA & Silat Camp in Sardinia, Italy. June 2016.


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