Stick Fighting: Cover & Power Strike Drill

A basic drill to develop the two most fundamental covering entries on both the left and the right sides, followed by a power strike. Notice as I start building the motion smoothly at first, and then I let the power flow naturally and progressively, without forcing it.

You can also notice that I change the target from the Head to the Mid Section (Ribs), lowering my level and keeping the attention on the opponent (in this case the Bob). I also switch hands at the end, which is always very important to do in order to improve awareness and control of your body mechanics, even if you fight with the dominant hand in reality.

This is a classic, vintage drill trained by the Dog Brothers, using the Diamond Pattern Footwork. They used to twirl the stick after the Power Forehand Strike (Dog’s Tail), and you can see that I do that one time during the video, but I usually prefer to bring it back to the center, right away, where I can use it for anything else.

Source: Brussels, Belgium. January 2022.


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