Stick Fighting: Defending The Backhand After The Roof Block

This is a Defensive Combo that I put together to defend a double strike attack (Forehand to Backhand, or Ikis), when you defend the first Forehand Strike with a Roof Block, as right after the Roof Block your stick will be in such a position that it’s difficult to use for a cover, and if the Backhand attack is very fast it would be very difficult to pass it (Albabis, Palasut).

This is very difficult to illustrate without a proper tutorial which I may do about this kind of defense. As usual, what you always need to rely on, is footwork and proper body re-positioning. The stick should be used as a secondary tool, actually.

Also, notice that the elbow position for this kind of defense is very important. And lastly, this would work against a Diagonal Down Backhand, not really against a more Horizontal type of strike.

Source: Seminar in Ruoms (Ardeche), France. May 2019.


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