Stick Fighting: Hand Strike Precision Drill

A very simple and valuable drill, to develop precision with your striking. You move around and the training partner moves the hand in different positions, without defending the strikes, as that’s not the purpose of the drill, and you hit the hand with all kinds of strikes, forehand, backhand, slashes, pullbacks.

I teach 3 variations or phases for this drill:
1) You can look directly at the hand
2) You don’t look directly at the hand, but keep your attention on the opponent (face, chest)
3) You “look away”, so don’t look at the opponent (kind of simulating multiple opponents)

Especially the last one gives you the perception of the target and the accuracy to track it even without looking at it (but keeping it in the field of vision) and hitting it.

Source: MANONUDA FMA & Silat Camp in Brussels, Belgium. July 2019.


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